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Waddell & Reed is a financial firm committed to helping people pursue their financial goals. We offer access to a wide range of financial products and services to individuals and business owners. We believe you will be better able to identify your goals and make informed financial decisions by utilizing our financial planning process.

While developing a customized financial program, we will walk you through a step-by-step financial planning process that can help make you feel confident in your financial decisions.  Once your goals have been established, we can customize strategies designed to suit your vision and objectives. We can help you execute a comprehensive financial program utilizing the following:

  • Financial Planning
    • Developing an invidualized plan that details your current financial position and outlines strategies to pursue future financial goals.
  • Investment Services
    • Using your investment objectives to tailor a personalized portfolio designed to fit your unique position.
  • Retirement Strategies
    • Analyzing the current environment to craft a plan that can assist you in pursuing financial independence during retirement.
  • Estate Planning
    • Helping you understand the impact of your current estate plan on your assets and helping guide you to establish a comprehensive estate plan that corresponds to your goals.
  • Insurance Solutions
    • Identifying risks that could impact your financial position by evaluating your current life, long term care, and disability coverages. 

Please call us if you have any questions about our firm or the range of financial products and services we provide.

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